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Dear Editor,

This is the most farcical decision I have ever seen the Douglas Shire Council make: to become carbon neutral at the stroke of a pen.

I am not surprised that Councillor Michael Kerr was the only councillor that had the brains to question this ridiculous proposal. The rest are like sheep being led by the nose and the rate payers of the shire should turf the rest out at the next election.

The Council says this will turbo charge tourism. What crap! What will immediately help is for the council and all tourism bodies to start to bang the drum that the Reef is not dead and is truly worthwhile visiting the region to see not only the Reef, but the Daintree as well. 

Saying the Council is carbon neutral will mean stuff all to the ordinary tourist and the rate payers.

This is a slight on all DSC rate payers. No consultation what so ever. No accountability. No dollar cost to the rate payers over the next three years and there will be No net benefit to the shire.

The 2019/ 2020 operating expenditure is $44 million: 0.5 percent is $220,000 p.a. over a three-year period which is $660,000. A staggering amount of rate payers’ money to make these wet-your-pants greenies feel good about themselves.

And how much does Mike Berwick get paid to stitch up the DSC rate payers?

Prior to the Federal election, we (Daintree Renewable Energy Inc) had two meetings with the Mayor and councillors. At these meetings, we asked Council for a letter of support from Council for the Daintree renewable energy micro grid proposal.

The Mayor told us that she wanted to see what the outcome of the election was, hoping that Labor would win so that the project wouldn't go ahead.

Well, Julia, you have painted yourself into a corner. The Coalition won, they have committed to fund the project, so given the Council resolution, I am now calling on you and the entire Council to publicly support the Daintree energy project.

If you don't then you will judged as nothing more than a bunch of hypocrites.

Russell O'Doherty, President of Daintree Renewable Energy Inc.

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