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More than 4,000 Douglas Shire residents have been provided with an opportunity to provide input towards Council’s 2019-2024 Corporate Plan development.

A replied-paid post card survey has been sent to households, which asks five questions:

  • What do you think are Douglas Shire’s top three challenges?
  • What should be Council’s top three priorities?
  • If you had $100 to spend, how would you allocate the funds across 15 listed areas, which include: roads, community services, environment protection, economic development and waste services, among others?
  • How do you keep updated with Council news?
  • List your suburb.

In addition to the mail-out survey, 5,500 e-mails were also sent to ratepayers and the deadline for responses is 18 March.

Survey responses will be analysed and reviewed by Councillors as part of the 2019-2024 Corporate Plan development. Community workshops will be organised after the results are analysed.

Douglas Shire Mayor Julia Leu said the next two weeks is the ratepayers’ chance to speak up.

“This is the community’s best chance to influence what they want their Council to focus on.

“It is important that everyone with a stake in Douglas Shire tells us where they want their hard-earned money to go,” she said.

“The main question we are asking is if you have $100 to spend, how would you spread that money across council areas?

“You may want to spend it all on roads and footpaths, you may believe we need to invest more money in our water infrastructure, or you could want a greater focus on the environment, arts and culture,” she said.

Opinions regarding the survey were divided among a few householders who requested anonymity.

"Another plan?" questioned one.

"This is positive and I am delighted to have my say," said another.

"I plan to get involved as best I can as a ratepayer and I hope Council takes note of what people say," a third said.

The existing Corporate Plan may be found on Council’s website or by typing Douglas Shire Council corporate plan into your preferred search engine.

Ratepayers may answer questions on the post card and pop it into the mail, or go to Council’s website and complete the survey online.



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