Disaster funding for Wujal Wujal to help tiny town



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A range of disaster recovery funding is now available for Wujal Wujal following a tour of the region by the ministerial champion for Wujal Wujal, Leeanne Enoch.

Ms Enoch, the Minister for Housing and Public Works and Minister for Science and Innovation for the State Government, had been touring the small Aboriginal community to inspect some of the damage caused by the recent unprecedented Queensland floods.

“Just like most of Far North and North Queensland, Wujal Wujal was not spared the effects of the recent flooding,” Minister Enoch said.

“With the waters receded and people focused on recovery, now is the time to be on the ground and listening to what is needed to get the community back up and running.

“It is clear from seeing the damage first hand and hearing the personal stories from the local community, how this flood has impacted this small community.”

She said with only around 300 people calling Wujal Wujal home, a flood event of this size affects everybody.

“The town was cut off in four different places, the local Bloomfield Bridge went under, their acclaimed Arts Centre wasn’t spared the impacts and pieces of vital infrastructure sustained damage.

“As the community champion, it has been important for me understand what the priority issues for the community are and see if there is anything that Wujal Wujal need assistance with.

“I know Mayor Desmond Tayley and the local council have been working around the clock to make sure everyone is safe and local services are being repaired as quickly as possible and I want to thank them for all their hard work.”

Information on disaster assistance can be found on the Australian Government’s Disaster Assist website and the Queensland Government’s Disaster Management website.


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