New owners usher in fresh vibes for Port Douglas gym


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FIT FOR PURPOSE: Taylor and Hamish Melody are the new owners of the Port Douglas Gym and can't wait to welcome new members. Image: Victoria Stone-Meadows.

The Port Douglas Gym is under new management with fitness power-couple Taylor and Hamish Melody taking over ownership of the business on Friday.

They said they have been looking for a chance to run a business in Port Douglas for some time.

“We have wanted to get involved in a business in Port Douglas for ages, it was that or create a business opportunity of our own,” Ms Melody said.

“Then this one just kind of fell into our lap.”

Ms Melody is originally from Dallas, Texas and has lived in Port Douglas for five years while Mr Melody is from New Zealand and has lived here for six years.

The couple is looking forward to bringing a new energy to the business and welcoming new faces through the door as well as honouring existing memberships. 

“Up until Thursday last week, the place was bright orange and covered in graffiti,” Mr Melody said.

“I have just finished painting this morning and we’ve given the place a whole new look.”

The gym has a sordid past with search warrants undertaken on the premises in March last year in connection with a drug trafficking investigation.

The gym was formerly owned by ex-bikie Sergeant-at-arms and accused drug trafficker Lee Undy.

However, Mr and Ms Melody say with their leadership, the Port Douglas gym can shed this criminal association. 

“It’s a whole new chapter for the gym and a change for the better,” Mr Melody said.

“It’s like we are opening a whole new gym but all the equipment is here – we just want to do our thing and bring a fresh new vibe.”

“We want to the place to be not so ‘in-your-face’ and a bit less intimidating so everyone feels welcome here,” Ms Melody said.

The couple wants the people of Port Douglas to know they are welcome any time and they will be on hand at the gym to answer any questions.

“Any time anyone has questions or isn’t sure how to do something, there is always going to be someone here, including a qualified personal trainer,” Ms Melody said.

“Come in and check it out, anyone with inquiries can walk in the door and just say hi.”



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