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PROTEST: Mali, Lydia Archer, Anita Everett, Lola, Lorraine Douglas, Jack and William with Caitlin Nulty (middle). Image: Victoria Stone-Meadows.

Thousands of school students around Australia and the world are expected to participate in the ‘School Strike 4 Climate’ today.  

Mossman High School is not immune from the draw of civil disobedience with a handful of students planning to take the afternoon off to protest a lack of climate policy from the federal government.

Year eight student Caitlin Nulty, 13, has taken a leading role in organising the strike at Mossman High saying the climate is an issue too important not to campaign for action on.

Caitlin has long had an interest in environmentalism being an ambassador for Great Barrier Reef Legacy and the Straw No More campaign.

“I decided to do this because my generation has to be the ones to make the change or else there won't be any change,” she said.

“I’ve tried to get friends and other people from school to get on board but, unfortunately, not many people have signed on which is strange.

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“I think a lot of people find it embarrassing, but I don’t find it embarrassing at all.”

Caitlin has not been deterred and is going ahead with the strike as planned.

“After the second break at school, mum will come to sign me and my friends out of the office and we’ll come down to the park in Mossman.

“Then we are going to stand on this little green area in the junction and hold signs and speak to people.”

The ‘School Strike 4 Climate’ is a global movement led by school students who feel not enough action i being taken by governments and world leaders to combat climate change.

Students take the day or the afternoon off school to protest and speak at rallies about climate change.

Caitlin Nulty’s mother, Ange Nulty, said she is incredibly proud of her daughter for leading the strike at Mossman High School.

“She does it all on her own, I have a business doing my own thing and she takes the bull by horns,” she said.

“I’m sure she will end up living in a tree somewhere one day.”

Ms Nulty said it’s really important for young people to understand the big issues facing society and completely supports her daughter’s action. 

“It is really important that the generations, as they get younger and for the future, they need to be aware of what is going on.

“Our generations need to be raising our children to know what is right and wrong for the planet.

“There is no shame in taking action and as parents we should be talking to our kids about this, listening to scientific facts, and teaching our kids to stand up and say what is wrong and what is right.”

The Douglas Shire Alliance of the national ‘Stop Adani’ group has also thrown their support behind Caitlin and the other students taking a stand today.

Member of the group, Anita Everett, said the protest is completely student led and the ‘Stop Adani’ members are happy to give them support.

“We decided to hop on board and show our support because they have asked for support,” she said.

“Everyone in the ‘Stop Adani’ group is passionate about climate change and want to show support for the students to show that we care and want to help.”

Students from Mossman will strike from 2.00pm today and a strike was also staged at the Esplanade in Cairns at 9.00am this morning.


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