Beleaguered Hawks no match for the Crocs on Saturday


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A Welcome to Country ceremony was held before the match started on Saturday. All images: AFL Cairns.

The Crocs and the Hawks AFL Cairns Clubs paid their respects to the Indigenous lands they play on during the Sir Douglas Nicholls Indigenous round over the weekend.

A traditional Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony was held at the ground before the game.

Crocs’ football operations manager, Jim Buckley, said the ceremonies were the most interesting and best part of the day.

“All the teams lined up and the crowd really appreciated the honouring of culture,” he said. 

“After that, the game was so one sided it became boring, we had 44 scoring shots to their six, it was one sided from the minute it started to the minute it finished.

“In fairness to the opposition, they had nine A-grade players missing and brought an undermanned team but we can only play against who they bring.”

Buckley said Adam Gross was sensational up forward along with Crocs’ stalwarts Kye Chapple and Tim Higgins.

“We also had multi-premiership player Josh Wilson back from Darwin. It was great to have him back,” said Buckley.

“Hiss bulk and size in the middle of the ground paves way for our running players so they really relished having him back.”

At the end of the day, the Crocs smashed the Hawks by 153 points. 

Next week Port Douglas will play the South Cairns Cutters at Fretwell Park in Bentley Park.

The Cutters are only other team in the league to be undefeated and Buckley reckons the Crocs will have their work cut out for them.

“It will give us a real indication of where we actually are as The Cutters appear as if as strong as us so it will be a big challenge,” he said.

Port Douglas: 24.20-164
Manunda Hawks: 1.5-11

Goal Kickers: A. Gross 6, K. Chapple 5, T. Higgins 4, J. Mawson 2, W. Pavitt 2, K. Bradshaw 2, A. Davidson 2, D. Moore
Best Players: J. Lea, A. Gross, D. Moore, W. Glass, J. Mawson, A. Davidson

Goal Kickers: T. Gorogo
Best Players: N. Weiss, W. Swaffer, J. West, C. Gauci, C. Novy, J. Karwan

The Crocs Reserves also had a win with the final score 142 to 19 agains the Hawks. Chris Taylor kicked nine goals and James Wollermann kicked eight.



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