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SUPER FOOD: Chris Beckwith with one of his miracle fruits. Image: Victoria Stone-Meadows.

Daintree resident Chris Beckwith will be bringing his miracle fruit to the masses through a new SBS television series airing tomorrow night.

‘Medicine or Myth?’ puts home remedies and alternative medicines to the test to find new ways to address illnesses and ailments of all kinds.

The episode features Mr Beckwith, whose RubyBerry is a remedy for Dysgeusia, a condition often associated with cancer and MS patients whose medication alters their sense of taste.

Originally from West Africa, Miracle Fruit contains a protein that makes anything sour taste incredibly sweet, helping those with altered taste receptors enjoy their food again.

Mr Beckwith said he cannot wait for the episode to go air tomorrow so more people can find a way to enjoy the simple pleasure of food even when they are very ill.

He said he had a great time filming the series and being a part of the show was a really great thing for him and his product.

“The greatest thrill was seeing the world-renowned neurosurgeon Charles Teo, we had sent a few letters to his offices in the month prior and I knew he was busy so to see him there trying the berries along with his two colleagues was really great,” he said.

“I had confidence knowing it worked going in but I also knew they would completely understand the implications and applications of the results.

“I knew I could go in there and blow their minds, I love being a part of that sort of stuff.”

Mr Beckwith said he hopes the reactions from the panel on the show means his berry is destined for great things.

“The great thing was, I wasn’t just telling the average person, I was telling people who can appreciate the science and the possibilities,” he said.

As well as Dr Charlie Teo, the panel that tasted the berries included Family & Women’s Health Expert Dr Ginni Mansberg and Associate Professor in Immunology, Ashraful Haque.

Mr Beckwith was tight-lipped about how the show panned out for him and his berries; he did not want to spoil any surprises.

“You will have to watch the show to find out,” he said.

'Medicine or Myth?' premieres at 8.30pm Monday 20 May on SBS, and will air over eight weeks.

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