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NEW: An artist's impression of the new luxury apartments planned for Port Douglas. Images: Supplied.

Port Douglas is set to get a new block of luxury apartments on the corner of St Crispins Avenue and Port Douglas Road.

The proposed development will consist of 11 two-bedroom apartments, basement car parking, communal swimming pool, and lockup storage.

Approvals for the project have all been ticked off and the sales campaign for the apartments will launch in the next few weeks with a view of construction starting within six months

The development is being steered by DHD Corp, a property development and strategy firm involved in a number of construction projects in Port Douglas.

DHD Corp is run by Directors, Bree McMillan and Daniel Hunter, originally from Melbourne but who have predominately concentrated on the Port Douglas market place for the past 5 years.

Ms McMillan said the firm has been working to bring more confidence into the Port Douglas housing market.

“We have been working hard over the past few years to bring more luxury projects to the community and at the same time, adding confidence to the market place in general,” she said.

“We have conducted large amounts of market research from the southern markets of Melbourne and Sydney who invest heavily in the area.

“They want to see new development, more options, and something a bit more “up-to-date” however keeping that tropical vibe.”

A DHD Corp spokesperson said they see a lot of opportunities in the Port Douglas area and want to do more to boost the region's market. 

“We want to build that confidence back to where it was pre-GFC. Our sales rates are already showing that it is certainly possible,” the spokesperson said.

“Hopefully our work in the area can only be a positive contribution to the local economy.”

The spokesperson also mentioned the development of the Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina as a project that would add to the market confidence of the region.

“Port Douglas has so much potential, especially with future developments such as Marina,” they said.

“It would be good to see the Council work a bit more closely with developers and adapt to change.”

“We look forward to seeing where Port Douglas will be in another 10 years.”

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