How the Douglas Shire helped get Entsch over the line


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As more of the votes roll in from the weekend's election, a picture of how the various towns in the Leichhardt electorate voted is becoming clearer. 

While the lower-house seat had a handful of candidates from across the political spectrum, the seat was ultimately a contest between Liberal MP Warren Entsch and Labor Candidate Elida Faith. 

Mr Entsch has maintained the seat mostly thanks to the more populous sections of the electorate voting for the veteran member of parliament. 

However, there was a clear distinction in the sections of the 148,559 square kilometre electorate and how they ultimately voted on a two-party preferred basis. 

Mr Entsch attracted the most votes in the pre-polling stations in Port Douglas and Cooktown where in both locations 63 per cent of the people that voted early voted for the LNP. 

Mr Entsch also performed well in many of the towns in the northern parts of the Douglas Shire where he attracted more than 60 per cent of the votes in towns such as Wonga Beach, Miallo, and Daintree. 

The polling place at Mossman returned 54 per cent of the votes for Mr Entsch and Port Douglas returning 57 per cent from Saturday. 

Elida Faith, on the other hand, proved incredibly popular in the regional and remote communities further up Cape York. 

In Aurukun, Pormpuraaw, and Tamwoy, she received more than three quarters of the votes and she also proved popular on Thursday and Horn Islands. 

However, the Labor voters in the regional and remote communities was not enough to get Ms Faith over the line and she conceded the seat to Warren Entsch on Saturday evening. 

See a breakdown of the Douglas Shire polling places here:

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