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Labor candidate for Leichhardt Elida Faith in Mossman

Labor candidate for Leichhardt, Elida Faith, says she and the Labor Party will commit to delivering infrastructure for the Far North.

Her comments come following a number of high-profile funding announcements by the Liberal-National Party in Leichhardt including almost $1 million for a micro energy grid in the Daintree and $8 million for the Wangetti Trail.

Ms Faith committed to the continuation of these projects if she wins the seat in the upcoming election buy matching the $1 million commitment for Daintree Power. 

However, she said the type of power in the Daintree would be evaluated and determined through direct community consultation.

“Labor is committed to consulting with the community on the best approach forward to address community energy needs in the Daintree,” she said. 

“There are several clean energy solutions worth exploring. 

“A lot has been said, reviewed, and promised for what will occur in regard to this North of the Daintree, and it’s important that in this part of the world, we get it right.

“If elected, I promise to work with the community and experts to develop community agreement on the path forward.”

She said protecting the world heritage rainforest is an important consideration in any work north of the river but committed to finding the right balance to see the project come to fruition.

“It is also important to note that Labor knows how much an asset the Daintree is to the Douglas Shire and the economic value it brings to the region.,” she said.

“We can’t and won’t compromise the Daintree with rash decisions regarding this issue.”

Ms Faith also said she will see through commitments made regarding the Wangetti Trail as well.

However, she claimed it is ambiguous how the recent $8 million announced by the LNP would be spent on the trail.

“We committed almost two years ago to $5 million after consultation with the State as it is a staged project, to have enough to complete that stage,” she said.

“As for the additional $3 million committed by the LNP; it is not near the amount needed to complete the next stage of the trail, so a little unclear as to what that commitment will actually go towards.”

Ms Faith said other funding commitments and projects will be honoured if she wins the seat includes

“We’ve committed $20 million to turn the Mossman Mill into a bio-refinery, $34 million more for schools across Leichhardt and will restore the $260 000 cut to the Mossman Hospital,” she said.

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