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Douglas Shire Mayor Julia Leu

Douglas Shire Mayor Julia Leu is one of two Queensland mayors to sign a new joint statement calling for more action on climate change.

Mayor Leu joins Acting Mayor Frank Wilkie from Noosa as the only mayors from Queensland to sign the statement with a total of 15 mayors from across the country.

The statement, an initiative of the Cities Power Partnership, calls on the federal government to work with local governments to do more to reduce the impacts of climate change.

Mayor Leu said the statement reflects the work being done by many local governments to move to a greener future.

“Climate change is a global problem requiring global solutions, however, we hope our Federal Government can understand and take on the crucial role that they can play in driving initiatives within their control,” she said. 

“Local governments from all over the country have been driving renewable energy forward and that now is time for our country’s leaders to prioritise local action.”

The statement, released yesterday morning, calls on the federal government to take action in three key areas:

  • Stronger climate policy
  • Phasing out of fossil fuels
  • Funding for eco-initiatives in councils such as rooftop solar, electric vehicles, greener public transport and more.

The Cities Power Partnership is a national program created by the Climate Council that recognises successful pollution reduction and clean energy successes of Australian towns and cities.

Mayor Leu said she is proud of the Douglas Shire Council’s involvement with the Cities Power Partnership. 

“Douglas Shire Council was one of 35 councils in Australia that is a founding member of the CPP program in 2017,” she said.

“Council is fiercely committed to driving the mitigation of climate change, particularly around maintaining carbon sinks and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“Council has taken several vital steps towards tackling climate change, such as formally adopting a climate change policy that directs Council to acknowledge the impact of climate change during decision-making.

“Other climate change initiatives include calculation and reducing Council’s carbon footprint, investigating a feasibility study for a solar farm, using renewable energy to power Council buildings and planting native trees in parks and gardens.”

She said the Douglas Shire has a responsibility to preserve the natural habitat that forms most of the shire’s region.

“Douglas Shire is the only place in the world with two adjoining World Heritage listed areas – the Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics – and we must do everything in our power to protect that,” she said.

“The impacts of climate change are expected to increase the intensity of known hazards including extreme storms, heat waves, coastal erosion and flooding.”

See the full statement here:

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