Mocka's Pies have made a Cheeseburger-Pie Frankenstein


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THE CREATOR: Apprentice baker Jordan Pack with the cheeseburger/pie creations. All images: Victoria Stone-Meadows.

Today is National Burger Day and Mocka’s Pies have created a monster to mark the occasion.

The Cheeseburger Pie, dubbed the 'Pieger', is available now from the famous pie shop and apprentice baker Jordan Pack said they’re flying off the racks.

“I don’t know where Nigel got the idea for them but they are popular,” he said.

“It’s a burger in a pie, basically if you imagine you took the bottom bun of a burger and put it in a pie pastry, that’s basically it.

“We get two little burger patties, stick some cheese and sauce in the middle, so Dijon mustard and tomato relish, pickles on top and a bunch of cheese.

“Instead of pastry on top like a normal pie, it’s a burger bun so it’s a bit weird until you get a taste of it and you think ‘it’s a bit weird, but I like it.’”

They started out making just nine Piegers this morning but by lunchtime, they were well into their second batch.

While the pie was made specifically for burger day, Mr Pack said they are planning to make more tomorrow for anyone that missed out today.

“We will definitely make more for tomorrow,” he said.

As for how it tastes, it’s a messy, cheesy, delectable treat for anyone who is a fan of both pies and burgers.

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