Papillon Landscapes bring island dream gardens to life


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Daydream Island

Papillon Landscapes team have planted some magic in the gardens at Daydream Island during four months of hard work and dedication as part of the destination's rebuild. 

It’s so fantastic that companies from Port Douglas can quote, win, and produce a quality outcome for globally renowned businesses in high profile locations.

Local staff, colleagues, and suppliers were given the opportunity to work in an exclusive and high profile location and can’t thank our Port Douglas Papillon team enough for their efforts.

It’s been a long four months and, as you can imagine, a huge behind-the-scenes effort putting everything together and securing the work for our local companies.

The support our supervisors and teams have given us while we’ve been away is second to none and allowed us to achieve such a successful outcome. 

Business owners Kim and Pete Murphy said they couldn’t thank the team enough for their support.

They also extended gratitude to local clients and suppliers for their support.

“It has been a rewarding process being able to introduce our local colleagues to the greater Great Barrier Reef community and even have our Port Douglas suppliers benefit from the Daydream Island project,” they said.
“Our region has been able to supply the right quality products, on time, and on budget. Our suppliers are used to the conditions and climate of North Queensland and have a good understanding of design driven deliverables.”

Working alongside a number of Port Douglas based colleagues including Gary Hunt Design has seen the smaller companies successfully deliver big, quality outcomes.

Working with a dynamic landscape architect, management and project team on the island made the big days and hard work all the more rewarding. 

Andre Seredenko from AS Design said working with Papillon Landscapes was very reliable.

“It was a pleasure working with an experienced company like Papillon Landscapes on Daydream Island,” he said.

“We faced many obstacles and they handled them efficiently and professionally.“

“Their team were hard working, open to design changes and worked well to a very tight deadline."

Now that the project is complete, the Papillon team say they can look back and watch the relationships continue to grow and benefit our North Queensland community.

“Let’s hope big businesses can combine and appreciate that local small businesses are capable of delivering big products, on time, on budget and hassle free,” they said.

“It’s all about locals looking after locals.”

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