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Recent data has revealed Port Douglas as one of the most expensive Australian destinations to stay in a hotel. 

The latest Hotel Price Index data from Hotels.com shows Port Douglas experienced a seven per cent increase in 2018, compared to 2017, to an average of $232 per night for domestic travellers.

Internationally, Port Douglas was the third most expensive place to book a hotel with the average price per night paid by international guests at $219 a night. 

According to Tourism Research Australia, tourists spent a record $42.9 billion in Australia last year.

Zoe Chan, Head of PR Asia Pacific for the Hotels.com, said the prices of hotels in Australia were a positive reflection of the market.

“Despite the fact that overall overseas visitor numbers to Australia were up in 2018, accommodation prices were relatively steady across the board,” she said.

“The average country-wide price paid by overseas guests the same as 2017, at $177 per night.

“This ongoing stability in the Australian accommodation market is great to see – and it’s even better that overseas visitors are increasingly willing to pay a premium to get the best beachside holidays in Australia.” 

Tara Bennett, Executive officer of Tourism Port Douglas and Daintree, said the prices of hotels point to a good performance for the industry.

“The annual increase in the average room rate for Port Douglas is a positive indicator for the sectors performance in 2018,” she said.

“Unfortunately, figures from the first quarter of 2019 have seen a decrease off the back of reduced domestic visitation following the weather reporting earlier in the year.“

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