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Walking through the doors of Port Douglas Carnivale’s Wonderland Spiegeltent, you are instantly transported to a world of the weird, wacky and absolutely wonderful.

In a mix of cabaret, comedy, circus, and acrobatics, LIMBO - Up Close is an illogical, seductive experience that has you continually wondering what will happen next.

A low-lit smoky room creates a mystical looking stage in the centre of the tent where the performers dazzle the crowd, each with their own talents, and on opening night they did not disappoint.

From contortionists, acrobatics and tap dancing, to twirling at heights, sword swallowing and fire breathing, this show has a bit of everything.

The show follows a group of peculiar characters stuck in limbo, the space between heaven and hell, led by an eccentric-looking ringmaster dressed in white.

The group find themselves on the edge of a false awakening where imagination and potential are boundless.

The music performed on stage throughout the entire show adds to the exciting energy while the performers wondering through the crowd, flirting shamelessly with onlookers, creates a fun and enticing mood.

The performers have an incredible stage presence and ability to hold the audience’s attention and really makes you feel as if they are dancing just for you.

The atmosphere of the Spiegeltent is the perfect setting for LIMBO - Up Close, with its red and gold roof drapes, beautiful dark stained glass windows, and mirror-lined walls. 

The small, intimate setting puts the audience right up next to the performers and really makes you feel a part of the show.

The set, costumes, lighting, smoke, and fire all tie together well, creating a feeling of intrigue and excitement.

The impressive show elicited a feeling of awe in me and ended too soon and left me wanting to see more.

Directed by Scott Maidment, LIMBO - Up Close hosts an international cast of world-class circus performers and will continue to run throughout Carnivale, closing on 26 May.

Tickets are available from Wonderland Spiegeltent.

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