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Douglas Theatre Arts Group president Michael Kerr said brining arts to the locals is very important. Image: Newsport.

Throughout the month of May, Newsport is turning a spotlight on the arts and culture of the Douglas Shire.

The Clink Theatre has been bringing the arts to the shire for over 25 years and Douglas Theatre Arts Group president Michael Kerr said their simple aim is to entertain the locals.

“Were an amateur theatre group and we do it because we love it,” he said.

The Clink has just wrapped a highly successful run of Oliver the musical which featured over 50 cast members, young and old.

“We keep getting really good feedback, everyone enjoyed it and we had a lot of fun doing it.

“It was a hard production because it was one of the bigger productions. It is only a really small theatre so to get them all on and off the stage correctly was a task in itself, plus teaching them all the music, months and months of work goes into that.”

Mr Kerr is a big supporter of the arts and said having places like the Clink Theatre are extremely important for the community.

“The arts are just wonderful and it's a real family community.

“One of the Clink’s main goals is to give kids experience in the theatre.

“It's really important for kids to get involved in some sort of art form whether it be music, singing, or acting; it’s a talent that they take with them for life.

“When you can sing or play an instrument you can create joy and entertainment in peoples’ lives.

“We've got young kids that are now just blossoming into fabulous little stars. You see as productions go on how much confidence the kids gain in themselves and after the show’s finished they are buzzing with excitement and they become better, stronger people for doing it,” Mr Kerr said.

The Clink aims to have at least two events a month which can range from large-scale productions to once-off performances from locals or visiting artists.

“This week we've got the Great Barrier Reef Legacy showing a movie and the following weekend we've got Zak Kaoz and Jordan Brodie, two young kids who are very talented musicians,” Mr Kerr said.

The Clink Theatre has another two large productions in the works and are holding auditions for both this weekend.

“We've got ‘Thirteen’ the Broadway musical, which is all kids aged between 13 and 15 years and it's all about going through puberty and high school and parents getting divorced and all those sorts of things, so a very modern production with modern music, and should be on in July.

“We've also got all auditions this weekend for ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ which is a choir spectacular that we're doing in August.

“So we will have about 50 people involved in the choir, all ages from kids to adults and we've got a group of songs that we're going to do in a gala concert.”

Mr Kerr said auditions are open to anybody no matter your experience or age.

With the help of their great teachers, including one of America's top soprano opera singers Alteouise DeVaughn and Bodies in Motion owner Saskia Turner, they will have you performing in no time.

“If you love singing in the shower come along,” Mr Kerr said.

To find out more, join the Clink Theatre email list through their website.



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