LETTER | Mayor and Councillors Show Contempt for ratepayers


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Dear Editor,

I don’t know how other ratepayers feel but to me the Mayor and some of her Councillors have shown sheer contempt in their latest decision to purchase land to offset their carbon footprint.

No sooner had the Mayor announced she will put forward a motion at the September 10 Ordinary Council Meeting, proposing that Council stops negotiating the proposed partnership with Qantas, a Special Closed Session of Council was called to invest in the purchase of land as a local project that will offset their carbon footprint.

Council continue to hide behind closed doors when they do not want ratepayers to know what is going on.

I understand that there are matters that are ‘Commercial in Confidence’ and cannot be discussed in an open forum.

However, there is no reason why the concept and plan cannot not be discussed at an open meeting of Council.   

When are they going to learn that by being open and transparent there may not be such an uproar on some of their decision that are being made?

Why is there such a rush to go ahead with this scheme?

The question that still must be answered is the involvement of DSSG and Mike Berwick.

Kym Rowley, General Manager Port Douglas & District Combined Clubs Inc 

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