Your safe solution to power outages this wet season


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Brad Sims owner of BH Electric has safe solutions to keep you running when the power goes out. Image: Supplied.
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According to the Bureau of Meteorology an ‘extremely active’ wet season is predicted with severe weather and above average tropical cyclones – and that’s without any talk of the La Niña activity that’s expected.

Already we have seen parts of Australia battered with torrential rains and flash flooding – It is only a matter of time until the Tropical North gets its hit.

When the thunder rolls and the winds blow there is little telling when the weather will turn for the worse, but you can be prepared.

Perhaps one of the biggest disruptions that can happen when a weather event blows in is power outages, they can be a big hassle to deal with, causing a lot of disruption and stress.

BH Electrics has a safe and easy solution to ensure you are best prepared this storm season when the power goes out.

With your generator up to date to keep you, your family, or your business running during an outage, have you installed a changeover switch for safety and ease?

Power changeover switches are reliable when the weather isn’t, saving time, money and peace of mind transferring a building’s power supply from mains to a back-up generator with an automatic flick of a switch.
Brad Sims owner of BH Electrics said in the tropics power supply can be interrupted with cyclones and storms. Due to our remote location, loss of power can be a common occurrence.
“Being able to maintain power to fridges and freezers, especially for commercial properties such as restaurants is vital.

“For homes, just being able to operate fridges, freezers is helpful and running fans during the wet season will help keep mould away and make it more bearable.

“Power change over switches are the safest way of getting generator power to the full gamut of household and business appliances in the aftermath of an unplanned interruption, such as those experienced after a severe storm or tropical cyclone,” said Mr Sims.

Mr Sims suggests to maintain your generator - its good practice to run it every month, this will ensure it will start when you need it.
“Installing a changeover switch is easy - normally its installed inside or next to the main switchboard and ideally been done by a licensed electrician.

“Changeover switches are becoming increasingly popular in both the residential and commercial settings, they are often purchased along with a new generator to guarantee compatibility.

“For those with an existing generator, your experienced electrician can assess and advise the best match to ensure a seamless transition to generator power,” said Mr Sims.

There are two kinds of switches to choose from – Automatic and Manual – and there are certainly pros and cons for both, it is recommended to contact Brad and his team at BH Electrical to figure out what would best suit your needs.

BH Electrical will be around for any electrical issues you may face over the holidays only closing on Christmas Eve and public holidays.

Get in touch with the friendly team at BH Electrics 40993497 or [email protected] Specialists in the supply and installation of Manual and Automatic Changeover Switches – for obligation-free advice on how to safeguard your home or business against power outages this cyclone season.

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