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1. julien Chauv eau [email protected] 0740561727 25.04.2019 08:20 10 yeard experience exculavator/backhoe/ white card sober/hard worker
2. julien Chauv eau [email protected] 0740561727 25.04.2019 08:20 10 yeard experience exculavator/backhoe/ white card sober/hard worker
3. Julian Martinez [email protected] +61439259999 24.04.2019 14:52 cvhs_julian_martinez.pdf
Hi everyone, my name is Julian Martinez and i'm a experienced Housekeeper/Cleaner and receptionist looking for any job opportunity here in Port Douglas. I'm looking to have a minimum stay of 6 Months here and have my own transportation. Any suitable position is welcome. Thanks in advance.
4. Claudio Ferrari [email protected] 0450843964 23.04.2019 18:54 claudio_ferrari_resume.pdf
Hello, I have experience in Hospitality as waiter and dishwasher but open to new experiences such as house keeping, gardening, general maintenance etc. I am a very hard worker, strong and fit, with full avalaibility and no time restrictions. Feel free to contact me, thank you.
5. Federico rodriguez [email protected] 0405868018 19.04.2019 11:38 940.pdf
Looking for work in hospitality, I’m bartender 2 years experience, but could be any position.
I can work any shift and any day , for start ASAP .
Thank you
6. Ben spackman [email protected] 0423746263 12.04.2019 23:00 Hello! Ben here .. a local from Mossman, looking for any sort of work. Ready immediately, have 1 an half years landscaping experience but will consider other trades . Cheers.
7. Thomas Cleator [email protected] 0479081647 08.03.2019 13:19 Hi i am looking for weekend work as a kitchen hand, i am a qualified Chef so i know my way around a kitchen, i work Monday to Friday during the day so can do some week nights but mainly seeking weekend work.
8. anthony thomas lopez [email protected] 0499075620 21.02.2019 21:33 current_resume_01.docx
looking for work in administration
I have a graduate in diploma of business and volunteer every Wednesday in admin duties and teach computer classes every Thursday and also a committee member @ port douglas community services network
9. Richard Dart [email protected] 0400 871 308 13.02.2019 09:17 I have recently moved to Port Douglas and would like to find work in the tourism industry, preferably on the boats . I will take whatever i can at the moment. Thanks
10. Nicolas Palacio [email protected] +54911 40355591 31.01.2019 23:07 cv_nicolas_palacio.pdf
I am an Argentine citizen with a subclass 462 visa arriving in Port Douglas on February 20th. Fluent in both written and spoken English - Bilingual level. Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management. Professional experience in finance, recruitment and sales.

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