Community Information Evening about EMF, Wifi, Mobiles and 5G

Wednesday 25 September 2019
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Mossman CWA Hall

Do you want more information about the health effects of wifi, mobile phones, dirty electricity or the proposed 5G rollout?


You are invited to come and hear the wisdom and experience of Cyril Bourke. Cyril was trained as an electronics and industrial engineer with IBM UK, British Army Royal Signals and served in the Special Air Service.


Cyril has also worked in the Hong Kong government as a subsea inspector to the new Hong Kong airport construction. He has also been a commercial diver in the offshore oil & gas industry, operating and managing remotely controlled submarines and intervention technology. Cyril’s career has also led him to be employed as a pain management therapist specialising in biofeedback and advanced healthcare technology.


Cyril and his partner Monique have set up and to provide professional emf testing equipment and services and have been engaged to make emf data recordings for the ‘Stop 5G’ groups in Brisbane and Northern NSW, the Barristers in legal cases and large energy companies.


There will also be an introduction by local doctor, Dr Alex Bernhardi. M.D. Dr Alex focuses on prevention by combining the best of conventional and integrative medicine.

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Zephyr Jali

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