Wednesday Afternoon Sailing

Wednesday 20 April 2022
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Port Douglas Yacht Club

Every Wednesday afternoon the Club’s very generous Members volunteer their time and their Yachts to take the public out sailing.


[Minimum age is 18 years.]


When you arrive at the Club [4pm] please write your name and sign the WAGS disclaimer and make yourself comfortable. This is a waiver for insurance purposes – not a list that crew are chosen by.


The Skippers will arrive at the Club between 4 and 5pm and choose their own “crew” by personally asking you to join them on their private Yacht for a sail. You need to stay in the club in order to be personally selected by the skipper.


If you are asked to go sailing, the Yachts generally depart at around 4.30 pm and return to the Club for dinner and drinks at around 6.30 pm.

Contact person:
07 4099 4386

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