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would like to let our loyal readers know that despite Facebook banning Australian media from posting news on the platform, we are still here working hard to bring you all your free-to-access local community news

You don’t need Facebook to access your news, you can get it directly at

Or even easier you can download ‘one touch’ to the home screen on your smart phone.

This means with just one click you will be on our website where you can find all our content. 

You can also follow Newsport on Instagram or sign up to our Newsport Alert email mailing list by hitting subscribe in the top right corner of the page, to get your news direct to your inbox.

And please share this with your friends to get the message out that local news and community journalism are here to stay.

Download ‘one touch’


1. Open in your Safari web browser.
2. Press download icon at bottom of your screen (its a square with an upward pointing arrow in it)
3. Slide options to find and choose button: add to home screen
4. Push 'Add' (top right on phone)


1. Open on your Samsung smartphone.
2. Hit the more icon located in the top right of the screen – 3 dots.
3. Press add to home screen

Or check out the instructional video below:

Thank you!

Newsport thanks its advertising partners for their support in the delivery of daily community news to the Douglas Shire. Public interest journalism is a fundamental part of every community.

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