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 Douglas Shire and Cairns FNQ Competitions

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1. Daddyshack PD 9 Hole Singles Stableford
Friday 14 June 2024
Alex 24 points
Kel 19 points
Simon 16 points
Joe 16 points
Jack 16 points
Troy 15 points
Beachy 15 points

Players this week took on the back nine holes at Brookwater golf club. Most struggled to come to terms with the tight fairways and thick rough, but Alex Johnson (11) must've felt right at home because he had 2 three pointers in the first 3 holes, then 2 four pointers in the next few after that. His 24 points was one of the highest scores we have had in the competition this season. First timer Kel (12) was very good with his 4 three pointers on his way to 2nd at 19points. Well done Kel, we hope to see you back again.

This week players will take on the US Open course, Pinehurst No.2 it's a formidable challenge with the professional ranks struggling to stay under par. Of course it is easier indoors. The tees will be moved up and the pin positions will not be as brutal. Book your spot by calling or texting to 0478 208 529. It's $25 to enter and the competition is open to anyone with a golf handicap. This competition ends on Friday night and a new course be played for next week.
2. Mossman & District Rifle Club Target Shooting
Saturday 15 June 2024
Seven shooters took to the course today under bright blue skies and a very slight mirage for our Double 300 shoot. We welcomed Chris today.

F Std: First up was Norbert Schmidt with 58.3  and Paul Teichert shot 57.1 followed by Brendan Delaney who was load testing today and John Brentson was sighting in a new scope.
Target Rifle: Frank Chester was on 47.2 and Rick Mischlewski finished the round on 43.3.
Chris took some practice shots.

In the second detail:
F Std: Schmidt shot 62.2 then Teichert scored 66.4, followed by Delaney continuing to load test and Brentson with sighting in.
Target Rifle: Chester shot 53.3 then Mischlewski scored 51.2.

The final results:
F Std: Paul Teichert 123.5
Norbert Schmidt 122.5
Brendan Delaney Score not recorded
John Brentson: Score not recorded
Frank Chester 100.5
Rick Mischlewski 94.5

Next week is a double 400m match, visitors and new members welcome. Sign in around 12 shooting by 13.30
3. Mossman & District Rifle Club Target Shooting
Saturday 8 June 2024
Below are the rifle club results of the Mossman and District Association for entry into the sports in detail section of the Cairns Post please.

Regards John B
Committee Member

A great crowd today with 10 shooters participating in our Double 700 match.
A perfect Winter's day in FNQ - Clear blue skies, warm with a very light breeze and a slight mirage.

F Std: First up was Norbert Schmidt with 56.2 followed by Brendan Delaney scoring 49.1.
Sporter Hunter: John Brentson was first up scoring 49.8 followed by Brad Cooper on 49.6 then Hayden Greener scored 48.4 up next was Lily Mercieca who shot 50.5 then visitors Cole scored 46.2, Connor 44.2 and lastly Jackson 50.2.
Target: Rick Mischlewski scored 49.4.

In the Second Round the conditions remained steady:
F Std: Schmidt scored 61.2 followed by Delaney with 64.5.
Sporter Hunter: Brentson shot 55.8 then Cooper scored 48.2.
Target: Mischlewski finished the meet with 50.2.

The final results:
F std:
Norbert Schmidt 117.4
Brendan Delaney 113.6
Sporter Hunter:
John Brentson 104.16
Brad Cooper 99.6
(round one only)
Lily Mercieca 50.5
Jackson 50.2
Hayden Greener 48.4
Cole 46.2
Connor 44.2
Rick Mischlewski 99.6
Next week is a double 300m match, visitors and new members welcome.
Sign in around 12 shooting by 13.30.
4. Daddyshack PD Indoor Singles Stableford League
Friday 7 June 2024
Joe - 21 pts
Peter - 20 pts
Pam - 18 pts
Troy - 15 pts
Alex - 15 pts
Lance - 13 pts
This week players were on the back nine at Cypress Point Club golf course in California. It is not the most famous golf course in the area as Pebble Beach is right next door, but Cypress Point was a handful for most players. Lots of bunkers and the 16th hole with the 180m water carry found out many. Joe Taylor(5) rose above the pack though with 21 points that included some solid pars and a birdie on the 17th. 3 shots under his handicap was a great effort and just pipped last week's winner, Peter Hay by a single shot to take the cash prize.

This week the competition moves back to Australia with Brookwater being the course we are all playing. We are leaving the harder front nine alone and playing the back nine from the Blue tees. If you are at all interested in playing, please feel free to. There is no registration fee needed, just book a tee time with a call or text to 0478 208 529. The entry fee is $25 and that includes your simulator time, so the competition is virtually free to enter. You can play Brookwater any time between now and next Friday before 5pm. We are open 10am to 6pm 6 days, closed Monday.
5. Mossman & District Rifle Club Target Shooting
Saturday 1 June 2024
A very pleasant day on the range with 7 shooters enjoying the cooler weather and sunshine. We welcomed Brad, Lily & Hayden attending for the first time today.

F Std: First up was Norbert Schmidt with 56.2 followed by Brendan Delaney scoring 47.0
Sporter Hunter: John Brentson scored 49.6, Brad Cooper shot 44.2 then Lily on 46.1 and Hayden Greener scored 40.1.
Target Rifle: Frank Chester was on 42.2

In the second round:
F Std: Schmidt shot 60.4, then Delaney scored 55.0.
Sporter Hunter: Brentson up first in his division scored 54.3 then Cooper shot well with 54.3 and Greener scored 50.3
Target Rifle: Chester shot 49.3

Everyone is having issues with limited supplies adding to low scores.

The final results:
F std:
Norbert Schmidt 116.6
Brendan Delaney 102.0

Sporter Hunter:
John Brentson 103.9
Brad Cooper 98.5
Hayden Greener 90.4
Lily Mercieca 46.1 (round one only)

Iron sights:
Frank Chester 191.5

Next week is a double 700m match, visitors and new members welcome.
Sign in around 12 shooting by 13.30.
6. Daddyshack PD Indoor Singles Stableford League
Friday 31 May 2024
Peter 25 pts
Alex 22 pts
Dougie 21 pts
Troy 19 pts
Joe 19pts
Tim 18 pts
Jack 16 pts
Lance 15 pts
Players this week took on the Hamilton Island golf course front 9. Plenty of elevation and thick jungle off the fairways, but a few players stood tall. Peter Hay(8) played brilliantly with an eagle on the par 5, 5th hole, a birdie on the 8th and some solid pars on plenty of others to post a score of 25 points! Alex Johnson(11) was not far behind with a birdie on the par 5, 5th and 2 very good pars to finish only 3 behind. Dougie Baird was on track to post the winning score, but a bogey and a double bogey late cost him, and he finished 3rd.

This week, players will be attempting to play the Cypress Point Club golf course back 9. This includes the difficult and very much photographed 16th hole, which is a 180 meter carry over the Pacific Ocean. Not for the faint of heart but could be the hole that wins you the cash prize we have on offer each and every week. The competition is open to any player in the area, so if you want to join in the fun, call or text to 0478 208 529 for a booking. You have all week to play the 9 holes and the $25 comp fee covers your simulator time as well.

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