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 Douglas Shire and Cairns FNQ Competitions

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1. Mossman & District Rifle Club Target Shooting
Saturday 9 December 2023
8 shooters shot a double 700m match, sunny conditions and a heavy mirage and some tricky wind changes thrown in to make for an interesting day.

In F Std this week Carl Read started with 50.4 points, Brendan Delaney followed up with a nice 55.2, Bill Kromwyk upped the ante by shooting a very nice 58.4, Cameron Leyshon 53.2, First time shooter, Julie Delaney, showing the boys how to do it, producing a great score of 53.4 and Tom Baetscher did well to finish with a nice 57.4.
Sporter Discipline saw John Brentson start out strongly with 49.6 and Jake Norris, slightly better with a possible 50.5, well done.

In the second detail of the day in F Std, Read struggled and only managed 49.0 points, B Delaney lifted and shot a nice score of 62.4, trying to keep ahead of his wife Julie, Kromwyk, firing on all cylinders, shot a very impressive 65.2, Leyshon, continuing his purple patch, finished with 64.2, J. Delaney shot very well and finished with 60.1, well done, Baetscher finishing this division with a nice 62.3.
Sporter Discipline class saw Brentson shooting a nice score of 54.6 and Norris, boosting the turbo to finish with a perfect 55.8, well done Jake.

The final agg. Scores.
F Std:
Bill Kromwyk 123.6
Tom Baetscher 119.7
Brendan Delaney 117.6
Cameron Leyshon 117.4
Julie Delaney 113.5
Carl Read 99.4
Sporter Discipline:
Jake Norris ⭐️ 105.13
John Brentson 104.12

Next week is a double 600m match, visitors and new members welcome, sign in around 12/ 12.30 shooting by 13.30, stay safe, have a great week and keep em centred. To our people in the North stay safe with the cyclone looming down upon us.
This being my last post, I hope you have enjoyed the weekly reports, which will be undertaken by another club member as I have stepped down from the media and PR position on the committee. Good luck to all in the future, stay safe, shoot straight. Carl Read.
2. Mossman & District Rifle Club Target Shooting
Saturday 18 November 2023
Sat 18.11.23
With a gusty cross wind and a heavy mirage, nine shooters shot a double 600m match, with mixed results.
In Sporter Discipline class this week \Neil Browning started this division with a nice first round score of 48.4, following was John Brentson with a neat 47.2
F std saw Cameron Leyshon, battling the conditions, come in with 49.1, Carl Read scoring 52.2, Brendan Delaney shooting next, scoring a nice 54.1, Tom Baetscher also a nice score of 53.2 and Norbert Schmidt, running a new barrel, finished with 50.0 on this range.
Iron sights saw Rick Mischlewski put down a score of 45.2, Frank Chester turning down the thumb screws to finish with 47.3.

With the wind and mirage not holding back, the competitors battled it out in the second range with these results.
Sporter Discipline, Browning shot well to finish strongly with a possible of 55.4, Brentson with 52.5.
F std, Leyshon improved to come home with 54.2, Read tallied a score of 57.1, Delaney, finished strongly with a 62.3. Schmidt also a strong finish with 62.1, and Baetscher with a 59.1.
Iron sights saw Mischlewski settle into a very nice 53.3 and Chester finishing with 52.2.

The final results:
Sporter Discipline:
Neil Browning 103.8
John Brentson 99.7
F std:
Brendan Delaney 116.4
Tom Baetscher 112.3
Norbert Schmidt 112.1
Carl Read 109.3
Cameron Leyshon 101.3
Iron sights:
Frank Chester 99.5
Rick Mischlewski 98.5

Next week is a double 700m match, visitors and new members welcome.
Sign in around 12 shooting by 13.30.

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