LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Is this the missing link in climate science?


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Dear Editor,

Sixty years ago, in year three of high school, we were taught the principles of Photosynthesis. A friend of mine recently asked a current form three student what they understood photosynthesis to be.

“I think it’s when you take a selfie with your sister,” came the reply.

In fact, it is the process which every plant uses to grow its own food.

How do plants do this?

Within each leaf of every plant (or strand of grass or stalk of sugar cane), there is a mini “factory” which produces the sugars the plant needs to grow.

The “factory” requires the input of 3 things for this to happen:

1. Sunlight
2. Water, and
3. Carbon Dioxide.

Yes, Carbon Dioxide!

Without any of these three things, all plants will die. Yes, they will all die!

Everyone would agree that without water, a plant dies. But it is equally true that without sunlight, it will die. And it is just as true that without Carbon Dioxide, plants will die.

Some of our Climate Change warrior friends are advocating the reduction of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere, some by a reduction of 50% and others, reducing it to zero.

A reduction of Carbon Dioxide to these levels will kill every plant on Earth. And, unfortunately, you and I.

So, be careful what you wish for!

To see some videos on Photosynthesis, go to YouTube and type in “Photosynthesis”. They are terrific!

And the next time you are walking down a track in the Daintree Rain Forest, take a deep breath and feel exhilarated – why?, because for every atom of Carbon Dioxide absorbed by each leaf, it expels one atom of Oxygen. Yum!

- Stephen Barrett
Concerned Port Douglas resident and environmentalist.

Thank you!

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