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Jake from Saint Augustine's with pancakes on Pancake Day. Image: Sharon Miller.
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Students from Saint Augustine's School in Mossman kicked off the Lent season this week, as the countdown to Easter begins.

Students participated in Shrove (Pancake) Tuesday before burning leaves from Kuku Yalandji country to make ashes, which were distributed at the Ash Wednesday Liturgy.

Ash Wednesday marks the first day of Lent, the six weeks leading up to Easter, where it is tradition to go without something, often luxuries and sweet things. Shrove Tuesday is the day before and it was traditionally seen as a day of indulgence before the six weeks abstinence began. People would use up all their luxurious food items such as eggs and sugar; ingredients which are perfect for pancakes, hence it began known as Pancake Day.

Saint Augustine's is now focused on raising funds to support the Caritas Project Compassion Charity during Lent.

GALLERY | See how Saint Augustine's celebrated below:

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