Clink Theatre’s new play: wicked, hilarious, and slightly outrageous

‘It Runs In The Family’

Mary Banfield


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The common image of a hospital being organised, dignified and sterile is about to be blown away in ‘It Runs In The Family’. Image: Nader Sallam
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“It Runs In The Family,” the farcical, hilarious and very high-energy play opens at the Clink Theatre on July 8, running for two weekends.

“This is a play that will make you laugh, when truly you shouldn’t, be pumped with energy when you should relax and when you want to cry, you break out in hysterical laughter,” said Shawn Brack, who plays the manipulative, lying, Puppet Master Dr Mortimore.

The common image of a hospital being organised, dignified and sterile is about to be blown away in ‘It Runs In The Family’.

The Story

The play is staged in the Doctor's Common Room of a renowned hospital. Highly respected and accomplished Dr Mortimore is focused on rehearsing his speech for an international neurosurgeon’s conference.

It takes just minutes for the stage to descend into a madhouse,

The chaos begins when a young punk walks in searching for his father.

Soon after, Dr Mortimore is confronted by his ex-lover, surprised by his wife, and questioned by a perplexed Police Sergeant.

The Brilliance of the play

“I’ve always been a fan of farcical comedy”, said Nader Sallam, Director. “Anyone who loves to laugh at the absurd, be thrilled by the emotional instability of human nature, will really enjoy this play.

After acting in Sea Patrol, The Pacific, as well as many advertisements over his twenty-five-year career, Shawn is still astonished that he still breaks out laughing in rehearsals.

“The play is unique. There is intense energy, that no one, not even the actors can avoid. There is a magic to the way this play is written”, said Shawn.

Nader has always loved comedy but there was something intangible that drew him to ‘It Runs In The Family.’ “The story fits in that tiny space between reality and absurdity”.

The play was first performed in 1987, written by one of Britain’s most well-regarded writers, and actors, Ray Cooney, who is best known for his play “Run For Your Wife.”

The Warning

There are warnings, said Shawn. “The play is not what you’d call Politically Correct. You’ll find yourself laughing when you truly shouldn’t. It's very naughty, so seriously leave your PC hat at home”.

Clink has created a strong reputation for lavish performances filled with colour and humour, including the long-running adaptation of 'Priscilla Queen of the Desert'. So don’t miss this wicked play.

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