Empowering Douglas Shire women: local martial arts master leads self-defense seminars for personal safety


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Taking a stand against violence with engaging self-defense workshops in the Douglas Shire. Picture: Stock image

Aspiring to help people in the Douglas Shire and its surrounding areas to know how to physically defend themselves, a local has taken the lead in organising and conducting engaging self-defence seminars.

Corin Teague, a martial arts master who runs a karate school in Julatten, serves as the driving force behind the self-defense seminars, motivated by a mission to promote personal safety and empowerment within the community.

According to Mr Teague, among the various reasons motivating individuals to participate in these seminars, the pressing issue of family violence remains a significant concern.

Citing statistics from Queensland police crime, it is revealed that there have been 2,661 reported sexual offences in the far Northern Region since 2020.

“Family violence is unfortunately common in Australia and our shire it is no different,” Mr Teague said. “What happened to Toyah shocked the entire community.”

Shocking stories

Having already conducted the course twice in Julatten, Mr Teague personally witnessed the alarming number of women who have endured violence.

“I once had a student who I was teaching a technique on how to respond if someone grabs you. She then asked specifically about being grabbed by the neck and I could tell by her eyes this was a situation she had been in.

“After class she explained that she had finally gotten away from an abusive partner. That was the moment I knew I had to try to teach these skills to women before they needed them.”

Sense of duty

Mr Teague highlighted that the seminar aims to teach crucial skills that enable smaller individuals to defend themselves against larger attackers.

“Along with learning techniques, I will discuss mental and verbal ways to avoid the dangerous situation in the first place,” he explained. “There will also be an explanation of the Law regarding self-defence.

“It does not bring me joy to teach these skills, I would rather live in a world without the need. The reason is a sense of duty. As a man it is the bare minimum for me to not harm the women in my life.

“It is also the bare minimum to expect the same of other men I know. To do more than the bare minimum the only thing I can do is give women these skills to defend themselves.

“It is my hope that this seminar can be a yearly event throughout Mossman, Port Douglas, Julatten and Mount Molloy so that as many women get the chance to learn valuable life skills.”

The next self-defense seminar is scheduled to be held on July 1 at the Mossman Shire Hall, running from 10.00am to 12.00pm. For further details, please contact Corin Teague at 0476253147.

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