Newsport Advertising Packages


Save your business time and money! Invest in the Business Starter Package.

  All prices are ex. gst
Business Starter PackageAnnual Business Listing
2 Weeks Banner Ads
5,000 placements p/w
    2 x Alert Banner Ads      
    Business Feature
Annual Business MembershipBusiness Directory Listing$260 p.a
Newsport Alert Banner Package2 x Email Alerts in one week    $200
Business Feature- links to contact
- image/s
from $200
Display Banner Advertising40,000 placements$500 p/week
30,000 placements$450 p/week
20,000 placements$350 p/week
10,000 placements$300 p/week
5,000 placements$250 p/week
Artwork Static$40
GIF Animation$60




Advertising dates need to be booked in advance and are subject to availability.  Artwork deadline is 5 working days before the start of the advertising period. Newsport offers a professional ad design service from $40 plus GST per ad.