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 Douglas Shire and Cairns FNQ Competitions

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1. Mossman & District Rifle Club Target Shooting
Saturday 2 July 2022
Double 400m

Six shooters showed to shoot the double 400m in conditions which weren't quite ideal, luckily the rain held off.

In F open this week Wayne Walsh found a few 5's to shoot a 55.1.
In Hunter sporter class Dave Williams slipped into the 4 ring a few times to finish with 41.0.
In F Std , Norbert Schmidt opening with a nice 58.2, Carl Read shot next and managed a 55.2, Tom Baetscher just topping that with 56.1 and John Brenston just under that with 55.3.
The cloud cover was handy in keeping the mirage factor at bay, which was appreciated by all.

In second detail of the day, F Open, Walsh shot an almost perfect round of 65.3, well done.
In Sporting Hunter class, Williams finished with 52.1
In F Std, Schmidt finding the X ring produced a 61.5, Read close behind with a 61.4, Baetscher shot a nice 60.2 and Brentson also a nice score of 59.1

The Agg scores for the day:
F Open:
Wayne Walsh 120.4
Sporting Hunter:
Dave Williams 93.1
F Std:
Norbert Schmidt 119.7
Carl Read 116.6
Tom Baetscher 116.3
John Brentson 114.4
Next week will be a double 700m , visitors and new members welcome, roll up around 12 shooting starts around 1.30pm.
2. Mossman & District Rifle Club Target Shooting
Saturday 25 June 2022
Double 500m

7 shooters participated in conditions that were fair, with a blustery breeze and virtually no mirage.
In F Open today Wayne Walsh started his day well with a nice score of 58.3
Sporter Hunter class saw Dave Williams shoot well to score a 49.7 out of 50, well done.
In F Std , Norbert Schmidt opened proceedings with a 57.2 Carl Read followed with 52.1, a couple of unwanted 4's in the mix. Bill Kromwyk suffered a similar fate scoring 48.1. John Brentson opened his account with a respectable 56.3, Tom Baetscher also finding the 4 ring too many times to finish with 49.1.

The wind conditions settled slightly for the second range and reflected in the scores.
In F open Walsh eluded the 5 ring to finish with a perfect score of 66.4 , excellent shooting.
In Sporting Hunter, Williams found some 4's to finish with 48.4.
In F Std Schmidt shot a nice 62.1, Read close behind with 61.3 and Kromwyk finishing with 57 points, the X ring eluding him on this range.
Brentson finished with a 61.1
And Baetscher hot on his heels with 60.1.

The final agg. Scores
F open:
Wayne Walsh 124.7
Sporting Hunter:
Dave Williams 97.12
F Std :
Norbert Schmidt 119.3
John Brentson 117.4
Carl Read 113.4
Tom Baetscher 109.2
Bill Kromwyk 105.1
Next week will be a double 400m match , new members and visitors welcome. Muster around 12.30pm, shooting starts around 1.30pm.
3. Douglas Hockey Association Inc. Super 5's Ladies competition
Wednesday 22 June 2022
Wednesday Ladies round 6 results

Purple Divas 6 -Blue Heelers 6
Blackbirds- 6 Green Envy 5

Best players
Green Envy -Dustin Dobbs
Purple Divas-Jacinta Nimmo
Blackbirds-Mia O'Neil
Blue Heelers-Anet Ridley

Round 6 ladder
Purple Divas 13 points GF 27 / GA 25 / +2 %
Black Birds 10 points GF 31 / GA 26 / +5 %
Green Envy 6 points GF 24 / GA 29 / -5 %
Blue Heelers 5 points GF 25 / GA 29 / -4 %
The Divas and Heelers fought out a thrilling 6-6 draw

The Blackbirds scraped through for a win 6-5 over the Envy
4. Mossman & District Rifle Club Target Shooting
Saturday 18 June 2022
7 shooters shot 300m in good conditions, with only a slight breeze and good cloud cover, keeping the mirage at bay.

F Open shooter Wayne Walsh shot a credible score of 58.3
F Std. Saw Norbert Schmidt shoot first, coming in with a very nice 60.5, Carl Read next to shoot and managed to match this score , also with a tidy 60.5, Bill Kromwyk , had a few 5's to finish with 54.0, Tom Baetscher with a 4 in the mix , managed 52.0, John Brenston settled into a reasonable first round score of 56.3, Brendan Delaney on the other hand had a shocker, with too many 4's to finish with 47.0

In the second detail of the day, in F Open, saw Walsh shoot a perfect round of 66.8, an excellent score at 300m.
F Std, Schmidt produced a nice 63.4, Read steadied to go on to shoot another perfect round of 66.6, Kromwyk just shy of that with a 65.4 and Brentson just behind that with a 64.4, Baetscher falling off the pace slightly with a 53.2 and Delaney rising up to shoot a very nice 65.4.

The agg scores for the day:
F Open:
Wayne Walsh 124.11
F Std:
Carl Read ⭐ 126.11
Norbert Schmidt 123.8
John Brentson 120.7
Bill Kromwyk 119.4
Brendan Delaney 112.4
Tom Baetscher 105.2
A great day's shooting with some incredible scores, well done.
Next week will be a double 500m shoot, visitors and new members welcome.
Muster around 12.30pm, shooting starts around 1.30pm.
5. Douglas Hockey Association Inc. Super 5's Ladies competition
Wednesday 15 June 2022
Wednesday Ladies round 5 results

Purple Divas 5 -Green Envy 3

Blue Heelers 5-Blackbirds 5

Best players

Green Envy -Nicole Brown
Purple Divas-Renna Sayed
Blackbirds-Aleesa Menere
Blue Heelers-Veronica Reynolds

Round 5 ladder

Purple Divas 12 points GF 21 / GA 19 / +2 %
Black Birds 7 points GF 25 / GA 21 / +3 %
Green Envy 6 points GF 19 / GA 23 / -5 %
Blue Heelers 4 points GF 19 / GA 23 / +5 %
Another exciting round five with the Purple Divas beating the Green Envy with some exciting skills on show.
Second match saw an enthralling 5-5 draw between the Blackbirds and Blue Heelers

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